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Why Qwsty?

80% of eLearning investment is wasted on passive eLearning.

Courses are too long  for the brain to grasp.

Too inactive to move information from short to long term memory.

Not engaging enough to fully embed the information.

Information is not mastered.

Critical skills are not assimilated.

The result?The learner does not achieve life goals.

5 Key Elements of Mastery

Learning content is inputted in a certain way.

The uninterrupted application or practice of the content.

The opportunity to use the content over time.

A strong desire to master the content.

Time for the brain to fully embed the content.

When a learner has mastered a topic

The knowledge and skill is available automatically.

The brain responds as a long-term habit.

That is when learning is mastered.

This is what Qwsty does!

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How is Qwsty Active?

Qwst Path

Once in a Qwst path, each learner (Qwster) completes a defined series of learning elements, self-assessments, goal planning, and quizzes.


Every time a Qwster completes a Qwst element, badges and points are earned that can be turned into virtual and real rewards and prizes.


Every time a Qwster completes a course, a badge is earned; and after earning the right number of badges, a Qwst certificate is earned. This certifies that the Qwster has mastered the core elements of the path.


Progress can be compared to other Qwsters, since healthy competition enables even greater learning.

Feedback and Affirmations

Qwsty encourages progress through weekly application messages and motivational affirmations.

Virtual Coach

Qwsty’s virtual coach monitors success and encourages more or less learning based on individual needs.

Qwsty, because all learning is a Qwst!

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